The Trophy Thief is a 15-minute film written & directed by D. Edwardz.

The story centres on a young boy named Ben who is torn between his “parents” following a difficult split. He believes that by winning his soccer MVP trophy it will bring them back together. Sadly, this is not the case.

Whilst a reasonably quiet film, The Trophy Thief has an epic scale to it that required a huge amount of production support to get it over the line. The film features a huge amount of extras, multiple locations, stunts, production design, and child actors that were difficult to source. Under the helm of the Producer Peter Magdas, a great team was assembled that allowed the micro-budget to stretch further than it would otherwise. The Trophy Thief is the first collaboration between Peter Magdas and D. Edwardz.

To raise the money to make the film, D. Edwardz believed so strongly in the story that he worked for years saving the money to make the project. By 2014, the time was right, and the film was able to be shot over 5 days in January 2014. Screen Australia was impressed with the results and has since come in to support The Trophy Thief with finishing funds.

From a casting point of view, the production was also fortunate enough to be blessed with some great talent. Our lead actor, Isaac Natoli was recruited from the ranks of the local Marrickville soccer team to play the character Ben. Although a non-actor, Isaac possessed a charm and natural ability (on the field and off) that embodied Ben’s characteristics. For the rest of the cast, the team recruited some stellar local acting talent including Ben Wood, Kate Skinner, Lisa Jackson, Charlie Fraser and Peter McAllum.